Volunteers are of huge value to organizations, especially non-profits. They are often the backbone of organizations. Not only do they help organizations save the scarce money they have, but they also bring better expertise, their social networks, increased contact with the community in which the organization is operating in, and help reduce the costs of services. At Project Alert, we depend 60% on volunteers, from our very committed and professional Board members to active men and women, students and professionals in the community, who volunteer their time, resources and networks to help us achieve our mission. We welcome volunteers all year round to assist us in areas such as:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Community advocacy
  3. School-based advocacy
  4. Skills acquisition training
  5. Legal aid
  6. Equipment donation and maintenance
  7. Shelter items donations and garage sales.

How can you be a volunteer?

The first step is to fill our on-line volunteer registration form. You can do this in 3-5 minutes. This registration form will help us get to know you better, and immediately connect with you as a valued member of our organizations. The information we need from you On the form include: information about yourself, contact details, area of interest and skills; professional history; and how many hours, days, weeks and months you would like to volunteer.