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Commencement of Spotlight Initiative Project

Project Alert is commencing a follow-up project of the Spotlight Initiative Project , a global multi -year partnership between the European Union & the United Nations to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls in Nigeria. The follow-up project known as Spotlight 2 will still be implemented in the two states where Spotlight 1 was implemented. The states are Lagos and Sokoto.

Project Alert working on pillar four (4)of the six(6) pillars of the project which is “Ensuring that essential services required by survivors are available, built the capacity of male and female groups in 15 LGAs across the two states (9 in Lagos and 6 in Sokoto). We also set up SGBV Community Surveillance Teams in the 15 LGAs.

In Spotlight 2, we will be scaling up by engaging CBOs and associations (male and female) in more LGAs, in both states. We will also be training shelter staff in the newly set up shelter for abused women and girls in Sokoto and launching of social media video on shelters in Nigeria.