Mrs. Blessing Christopher Onah, a mother of twins, was burnt with hot boiling water by her neighbor Josephine Omolu over the allegation that she greeted her (the neighbor) husband Sergeant Omolu. While Blessing was immediately taken to St. Victoria hospital for first aid treatment, Josephine was arrested and taken into police custody. Project Alert intervened and was able to raise funds for Blessing to be admitted to Royalist Specialist Hospital where her burns were attended to. Project Alert also petitioned the Commissioner of Police on the threat to life on Blessing Onah and her family by Sergeant Omolu the perpetrator’s husband.


Blessing’s burn before Project Alert’s intervention

Blessing when her treatment started at Royalist Specialist Hospital

Days after Blessing’s treatment started at Royalist Specialist Hospital

Project Alert legal team and Program Officer with Blessing and Christopher Onah in court for the hearing

Legal Services

  • S came to Project Alert seeking for protection against violence from her spouse, and also custody and maintenance of her children. The legal aid team of Project Alert filed on behalf of Ms. S and the same order was granted by the court at first hearing on the 23rdof January 2019.


  • T.O reported incessant assault against her spouse on the 19thof October 2018 and brought medical reports and pictures from the attacks to Project Alert. Project Alert’s legal team investigated the reports and found it worthy of court action, which was filed in court restraining the violent spouse from further attacks on Mrs. T. O.


  • R.P was so much battered and traumatized by her spouse who incessantly locked her out of the matrimonial home and continuously threw her things out. She ran to Project Alert for protection. A court action was immediately filed, restraining  the violent spouse, and an interim order was granted, thus restoring the dignity and self-worth of Mrs. R.P.


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