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Research and Documentation - R&D

The Research and Documentation Unit of Project Alert is aimed at promoting the use of empirical information in understanding the nature, prevalence and effect of violence against women in the society. It serves as a complementary reliable source of information that will enhance policy decision making in eliminating violence and facilitate effective redress and response in our society.  

Activities under this programme area include: annual print media monitoring and documenting of reported attacks on women and girls; conducting of legal research and general surveys on violence against women/young girls; and documenting of various organizational activities.


Our Stories is a compilation of the stories of 16 women/families that Project Alert rendered practical support services to in the sixteen years of the organization’s existence. Project Alert receives an average of sixty (60) cases annually, and has rendered counseling, legal aid and shelter services to almost 1200 women/girls and their families. Thus these 16 represent less than 2% of the cases we have handled. These 16 stories however are powerful stories of the triumph of these women over violence (physical, sexual and psychological) that they were subjected to by people they knew, loved and trusted. They were carefully selected to reflect the various forms of violence women come to report at Project Alert. Our Stories is the celebration of courage and strength by 16 women/families in commemoration of Project Alert’s 16 years of existence and 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence 2015..


No Safe Haven: Attacks on Women in Nigeria, is a permanent book title from Project Alert on Violence Against Women. It documents media (print and social media) reports of attacks on women/girls during a given period. It covers various forms of violence against women and girls, ranging from domestic violence, to sexual abuse, murder, acid bath, harmful traditional practices etc. In this 2013 edition, attacks on women covering Dec 2007 – 2009 were captured. No Safe Haven has proven to be a valuable resource document for the purposes of policy and legislative advocacy..




Sexual Abuse in Nigeria: A Silent Epidemic is the report of an analysis of 155 cases by Project Alert. The 155 cases covered a one year period (Dec 2010- Nov 2011) and were got from NGOs and offices of the National Human Rights Commission across the 6 geo-political zones. The report revealed that sexual abuse had assumed epidemic proportions, with female children (ages 1-17) being 69% 0f the victims. The findings of this report calls for urgent action to end this epidemic.



Abused is a research publication which highlights women’s fear and actual experience of violent crimes in South-West Nigeria; the impact of the violence on their lives; and their perception of the criminal justice system. The strength ofAbused lies in literature review and the theoretical framework for explaining women’s fear of crime and actual experience of victimization and the individual stories told by the women in the South-West zone. Graphs and charts are used richly to clearly explain statistical data adduced as evidence in relation to the various crimes committed against women and young girls in South-West Nigeria



This report is the product of the organization’s Male Involvement Project, MIP, which aims to actively involve men in the campaign to end all forms of violence against women and young girls. The publication, Male Involvement in Eliminating Violence Against Women, (which has two editions) chronicles the findings of various consultative forums on the theme: Role of Men in Eliminating Violence Against Women in Nigeria.


Below are activities carried out between 2006-2008:


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Male Involvement Journal (Vol. 1,2, & 3)
This is a quarterly journal of the Male Involvement Project, MIP of Project Alert. The project was launched in November 2007, during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. The journal is meant to keep members of the public in general, and stakeholders in particular, informed of all activities being carried out under the project; and activities by other organizations focusing on involving men and boys. Outside contributions to the journal, are welcomed 

Beacon of Hope: Women’s Human Rights Cases
Published in July 2008, by Project Alert on Violence Against Women, and edited by Mrs Funmi Quadri, a lawyer and publisher of law books, Beacon of Hope is a compilation of some judgments given on women’s human rights cases in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and other superior courts of record.


Male Involvement in Eliminating Violence Against Women
Published in March 2007, this is a report of the first set of consultative forums on the role of men in eliminating violence against women/young girls in Ebonyi State. Organized by Project Alert, it was sequel to the passage of the domestic violence law in the state. The forums took place in the three senatorial zones in the state - Abakaliki, Onueke and Afikpo. The aim of the forum was to sensitize participants especially men on the existence of the law on Domestic Violence that was recently passed by the state house of assembly.

Report of Partnership Workshop on Responding to Gender Based Violence in Lagos State
Published in October 2007, the publication is a report of a partnership workshop for state and non-state institutions/ministries/organizations that provide services to abused women/young girls in Lagos State, on responding to reported cases of gender-based violence. Organised in partnership with CLEEN Foundation, the two-day workshop was attended by representatives of the ministries of Women Affairs, Youth Sports and Development (Social Welfare Department); Health; Justice; the Police; NGOs and the media.


Responding to Gender-Based Violence: A Tool Book
This tool book is aimed at addressing the insensitivity and lack of knowledge often displayed by law enforcement officials especially the police when confronted with cases of gender-based violence, especially domestic violence, rape and incest. It also provides a guide to victims, on immediate steps to take after being abused. It is meant to be a daily companion to all those, whose duty it is, to provide one form of service or the other to female victims of violence.


Sophia’s Place: Experiences Running the First Battered Women’s Shelter in Nigeria
This is the report of an evaluation study of the organisation’s shelter project known as Sophia’s Place. The study was conducted in 2004, while the report was published in 2005. The main aim of the evaluation study, was to assess the impact of its services on the lives of its ex-residents, their families, and the society as a whole. The study was also to evaluate the implementation of this perceived “originally western concept of shelter”  in the Nigerian context in general, and Project Alert’s experiences running it.

No Safe Haven. 2004-2005
This is an annual report of attacks on women and young girls in Nigeria. Annually since 2000, Project Alert conducts print monitoring of five newspapers daily, to compile reported cases of abuse of women (physically and sexually). This it compiles, edit, and publishes during the 16 Days of Activism as part of its activities during the period, annually. *(create link to old copies of No Safe Haven)

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