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  Newsletter July - September 2016

In the third quarter of our e-newsletter in 2014, we reported the case of Patience Joseph, who was then 18 years, and had a year earlier (at 17 years of age) been forced into a marriage with a banker, while still in secondary school in Bauchi State. The parents had betrothed her since age 14.
Unhappy in the forced marriage, Patience ran away from Bauchi twice - the first time before the ceremony and the second time after. Her mother’s sister, Mrs. Joy Idenyi whom she ran to in Lagos brought her to Project Alert during that period, explaining her predicament. All efforts by Project Alert at the time, to make her parents see reason failed as the parents and the husband kept insisting she must return as dowry at been paid. Project Alert reminded them that Patience was a child when she got betrothed and the dowry got paid, which contravenes the Child Rights Act. . download

Newsletter April -June 2016

The medical rescue work of Baby Michael Alvez by Kate Henshaw, Temitope Oluwagbemi, Aramide Kasunmu and Project Alert on Violence Against Women, continued during the period April to June 2016. Throughout this period, Baby Michael was on admission as the doctors battled the ulcerated and infected facial haemangioma. While the medical battle was going on, Project Alert and the other RESCUERS (as we refer to the four) also had to contend with several social issues in relation to Michael’s mother and the family in general.On the 9th of April, 2016, the RESCUERS went on a fact finding mission to Mary’s house at Ikorodu (8, Aduramigba Crescent, Bako, Irawo bus-stop). download

Newsletter January - March 2016

On March 16th, Kate Henshaw rescued very sick baby Michael and his mother of the streets of Lagos with the help of two individuals named Mr. Temitope Oluwagbemi and Ms. Aramide Kasunmu, and got both mother and child admitted into LUTH. Kate an Ambassador of Project Alert, immediately called the Executive Director of Project Alert, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma to intimate her on it and request Project Alert's active involvement in the case.On March 18th all parties met at LUTH, and had a meeting with Dr. Mofikoya, the consultant attending to baby Michael. Michael was diagnosed with ulcerated, infected facial haemangioma caused by vascular malfunction, worsened by the fact that night and day, sun and rain; Mary was on the road begging for help with the baby. download

Newsletter October - December 2015

Working Group of Eight (WG8) commemorated this year's 16 Days of activism with an outreach/sensitization program at Oyingbo Market, Lagos on 8th December, 2015.
The team arrived at the meeting point which is Access Bank at 10:15am and processed to the Market. After meeting with the market representative and setting up of mega phone, the program commenced at 11: am inside the market moving from one section to other. The aim of the program was to create awareness on gender based violence and the services of WG8 and the theme for the year which is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All!”. download

Newsletter July - Sept 2015
On the 22nd of July Mirabel Center celebrated its 2nd year anniversary, the event started with the singing of the national anthem after which distinguished men were called to form a panel to discuss on the topic “ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO SAY NO TO RAPE?”
The Chairman of the occasion Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Justice Mr. Lawal Pedro SAN in his opening statement, congratulated Mirabel Center on their second year anniversary and also commended their efforts in helping rape victims. He highlighted the various orientation and sensitization programmes held by the Lagos State government to help in reducing the surge of rape in Lagos State , he also mentioned that the Lagos State government is in partnership with many NGOs, foundations and newspapers to help reach download
Newsletter April - June 2015
The faith-based advocacy project of Project Alert, is aimed at sensitizing and building the capacity of religious organizations and their leaders on various forms of gender-based violence (GBV). On May 29th, 2015, Project Alert Shelter Administrator and Counsellor, Mrs. Nsini Udonta, was an invited guest at St. Timothy Catholic Church, Ojodu as the church celebrated Democracy Day and organized a symposium. Different issues pertaining to national unity were discussed and also issues relating to Gender Based Violence.. download
Newsletter January - March 2015
Recognition of the work of Project Alert on Violence Against Women, came to fore on Wednesday 11th March, 2015 when Alcatel-Lucent Nig. Ltd celebrated with them this year’s International Women’s Day in Lagos. A team of 25 female members of staff of Alcatel-Lucent, a global telecommunication equipment maker were at the Project Alert office to identify with and support them in their work on stemming violence against women. download
Newsletter October - December 2014
Men commit the majority of violent acts against women. While efforts have been made to prevent men from perpetrating sexual assault, domestic violence, and rape, these efforts have yet to make a major impact on the rates of violence against women. This is because such efforts often involve overturning long-held cultural and societal beliefs. download
Newsletter July - September 2014
It is absolutely unlikely that there won't be signs or what some people call “handwriting on the wall”. It is unfortunate to note, however, that such signs are generally ignored, denied or refuted. Acknowledging and dealing with these signs is a giant step to stopping the social menace (domestic violence).Domestic violence, in simple.. download
Newsletter April - June 2014
Blessing Isanbor the then 19 year old girl who was shot in the face in 2012 by her junior sister's boyfriend Emmanuel Otujo (then a corporal in the Nigerian Police Force) recently went back into hospital for a second round of reconstructive surgery to her face. Project Alert on Violence Against Women raised funds for her surgery. download
Newsletter January - March 2014
Now, can we rightly say that justice has been served? Yes in this case it has, but what about the countless cases of domestic violence that go unreported? Leaving victims without a source of income, grievous bodily harm, permanent disability, mental illness or even death; where the perpetrator of such act walks free to continue in the act to other victims? download
Newsletter October - December 2013
According to a study published by Project Alert on Violence against Women, children aged 0- 10 are at a 39% risk of being victims of sexual violence. This alarming rate calls for urgent action by the government and other stakeholders in fighting this growing problem... download
Newsletter July- September 2013
There are wounds that never show on the body but are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.
Stripped and confined to a room, left to brood over the loss of the only person that shared the happiness enjoyed over the years, widows are often left at the mercy of the cold weather with only leaves worn and surrounded by other women in similar circumstances all in the name of tradition.. download
Newsletter April- June 2013
My friend just got raped by her tutorial coach, what do we do?” “I was raped by my neighbour, I told my mother but she refused to believe me. What do I do?”
“My daughter was raped so I shaved her hair and beat her up so that it won’t repeat itself and no rapist will be attracted to her” These reports... download
Newsletter January- March 2013
As part of our Support Services Program, Project Alert with support from Shell Petroleum Nigeria Limited organized a 3-day skills acquisition training from February 20- 22, 2013 for abused women and young girls in the society.
The program is aimed at empowering women/young girls economically, in order to reduce their ... download
Newsletter October - December 2012
The United Nations General Assembly defines "violence against women" as "any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life... download
- Newsletter July - September 2012
On behalf of Project Alert on Violence Against Women, I welcome you to this maiden edition of our e-newsletter, aimed at keeping the public informed about our activities in general, and some public interest cases of domestic and sexual violence in particular. Project Alert is not only an advocacy organization.. download
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