Breaking the Silence

HRE is the advocacy arm of the organization under which we carry out various project aimed at creating awareness and sensitizing the public and policy makers on the endemic and prevalent nature of violence against women and young girls and its negative consequences on the society.
Our HRE projects include:

School Based Advocacy (SBA)

  • Partnering with public and private schools to raise awareness among students on sexual violence
  • Provide capacity  building trainings to the Management of  schools on how to prevent, recognize the signs of;  and respond to child sexual abuse
  • Train parents on how to prevent, recognize and respond to child sexual abuse.
  • Provide information on available resources/referral services


Click to view recent SBA activities
Sensitization programme on sexual violence at Okota Grammar School Isolo Sensitization events at Senior High Secondary School at Isolo Sensitization programme on sexual violence at Eva Adelaja Girls Senior Secondary School


Faith Based Advocacy (FBA)

  • Sensitization of religious leaders
  • Capacity building for religious marriage counselors.


Click to view recent FBA activities
Faith based advocacy event at Christ Apostle Church, Ishawo, Ikorodu Lagos Faith based round table disccussion with marriage counsellor at St Timothy Catholic Church, Ojodu Berger, Lagos Faith based advocacy event at First Baptist Church, Ishawo, Ikorodu Lagos


Media Advocacy (MA)

  • Use of the social media in public awareness creation
  • Partnering with the electronic media (radio and television) in organizing/participating in talk shows and programmes to raise awareness
  • Running columns in some newspapers



Male Involvement Project

  • Sensitize men/boys on gender-based violence; its prevalence, forms and impact
  • Work with professional and business men to be change agents in their communities
  • Work with men to mentor the next generation


Click to view recent MI activities
Male Involvement in the Elimination of Violence Against Women Roundtable Discussion on Male Involvement in the Elimination of Violence Against Women Male Involvement Consultative Forum


Social Advocacy (SA)

  • Organize seminars and workshops for various target audience
  • Give talks at various events on gender-based violence


Break the silence. When you witness violence against woman and girls, do not sit back. Act!”   - Ban Ki-Moon, Former UN Secretary – General.

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