How My Husband Almost Killed Me After Separation With Three Children

You might be experiencing domestic violence if you’re in a relationship with someone who calls you unprintable names, insults you or puts you down, Prevents or discourages you from seeing family members or friends or threatens you with violence or a weapon, hits, kicks, shoves, slaps, chokes or otherwise hurts you, your children or your pets. But In the case of Ivie Edobor who left the husband and moved on with her life, what is so shocking is that Ivie’s exhusband came one early in the morning when she was approaching her new home in the early hours of the day, after a night out.
The ex-husband John Edobor laid in wait, attacked her and her male friend. In the real sense of law, this is grievous bodily harm GBH, common assault against Ivie and her friend.
Read her own story:
Ivie Edobor is a mother of three, she has taken to social media to narrate what she went through in the hands of her husband, John Edobor, she wrote:
Dear friend, To shed more light on my ordeal, this is my story. Two years ago my husband kick me out of his house along with my 3 daughters ages 9, 7 and 4.
I was forced to move back to my father’s house and struggled to provide for my 3 children as he completely neglected them and even took them of his medical insurance provided by his office Zenith Bank Plc. After much struggle, I finally got back on my feet. Got a great job, enrolled my kids in a new school and rented an apartment for my 3 kids and I. About Easter time this year he decides he was to be part of my children’s life again.


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